vhbw Batterie GEB121 pour Leica

Reference: GEB121

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    Replacement battery from the brand VHBW. Quality product replacing your original battery.
    Compatible with standard charger.
    Characteristics :
    Technology: Ni-MH
    Voltage: 6V
    Capacity: 4200 mAh
    Suitable for models:
    Leica 400, 700, 800, DNA instruments, DNA03 / 10, GPS500, GS50, GS50 GPS, RCS1100, SR500, SR510, SR520, SR530 GPS, TC1102, TC1102C, TC402, TC403, TC405, TC406, TC407, TC802, TC803, TC805, TCR1102C, TCR402, TCR405, TCR405 Power, TCR406, TCR406 Power, TCR407, TCR802 Power, TCR803 Power, TCR805 Power, TPS1000, TPS1100, TPS1100C, TPS1101, TPS300, TPS400, TPS700, TPS800
    Replaces the original batteries:
    667147, 667318, GEB111, GEB121